Outsourcing technology for Digital Bank

Digital banking is a full featured solution for Internet and mobile banking, which enables managing real-time accounts, making transactions & payments and connecting to new services for the Bank’s customer. All of these operations can be made in real-time, 24х7х365.

Outsourcing technology for Digital Bank

Mobile app features:

  • Available in App Store and Google Play.
  • Bill pay
  • Service providers;
  • Set up one-time or recurring payments
  • Move funds between accounts/deposits
  • Person to person transfers within the Bank or to another Bank;
  • Deposits and account information:
  • Account number/the agreement ID
  • Account type
  • Account currency
  • Account balance
  • Expire date
  • Interest rate
  • The amount and date of the nearest payment
  • Request for transaction histories (10 latest transactions)
  • Mobile bank configurations
  • Find the nearest ATM and Bank department
  • Explore the latest news and releases of the bank

Our solution keeps customer’s personal data safe and sound; it fully meets the PCI-DSS requirements. We provide a full range of additional authentication options, such as:

  • One-time passwords (OTP);
  • Virtual keyboard;
  • Security tokens;
  • CAP/DPA.
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Outsourcing technology for Digital Bank
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