12 Февраля 2020

BPC Processing has launched Mir Accept 2.0 compliant cards issuing for Timer Bank

BPC Processing has successfully completed certification for debit and credit card issuing compatible with Mir Accept 2.0 for Timer Bank, JSC. Mir Accept 2.0 is a new platform, developed by National payment card system (NPCS) that enables secure online payments. The main feature of the service is support of both protocols: 1.0 and more up-to-date 2.0. Moreover, the bank may use different types of authentication: OTP verification, as well as token-based, biometric authentication or by mobile bank app.

According to NPCS, banks may increase amount of transactions due to the consumer’s confidence in online payment system, meanwhile cardholders are getting fast and secure way to make payments online.

About companies:

JSC «Timer Bank» is a provider of commercial banking services. The company's commercial banking services include savings accounts, loan facilities, investment options and credit facilities, insurance, mortgage, consumer credit and remote banking services, enabling business clients and individuals to meet their financial needs.

National Payment Card System Joint Stock Company (NSPK JSC) is the operator of MIR National Payment System. Development of the National Payment System plays a key role in ensuring the sovereignty of the national payment industry. The National Payment System guarantees secure and uninterrupted processing of domestic bank card transactions.
BPC Processing is a processing company, part of BPC Group. The company was established in 2012, Moscow. It is based on SmartVista software and enables access to successful cards and payments business.

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